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About the Artist

Tampa Art Gallery - Michelle Hinz Art Gallery - AboutMichelle Hinz began painting professionally in 2006 after enjoying a 20 year corporate career using her undergrad studies in Graphic Design and master’s degree in Instructional Technology in corporate training. Today, Michelle creates custom artwork for designers, and corporate accounts as well as licenses her home décor collection to large-scale retail stores.

Michelle’s art collections are a byproduct of her discriminating research of art movements and trends which reflect patterns of living and the artistic mood of a global community. She synthesizes her research and translates it into visual expressions using progressive and innovative painting techniques. As technological advances persist and its influence changes our world, so too Michelle’s art expands, moves and evolves. Michelle often portrays an emphasis on simplicity, and creates open-interpretive art compositions, clothed in luxury, casting a mood of comfort to busy minds and schedules.

Artist Statement

I believe the act of creating and the concept of creativity is divine. My greatest inspiration comes from my divine sense of purpose in the creative process itself. Creating something beautiful from something plain and simple is an awesome task and something I truly delight in doing. Birthing life in this way, continues to challenge me creatively and at the same time fulfills deep longings to express what flows out of my heart.

From a design perspective, my evolving work focuses on textures, shapes and colors and the drama that arises when they meet and interact. Using these design elements, my art reflects our ever-changing world and thrives on cutting-edge contemporary art forms. Innovating home décor and corporate art motivates me to keep evolving to satisfy the public’s demand for something fresh.

I cherish my time spent pioneering new ways to express my creative nature. One such discovery emerged out of my fascination with the many textures within our environment. This launched my quest, to translate a tactile surface onto canvas using paint as the primary medium. Through experimentation a sculpture-like, dimensional art form emerged. This breakthrough paved a unique series of products which created a tactile and touchable surface people can experience with their eyes and hands.

“I am driven to be innovator in the art world and to create inspiring and luxurious art that people can experience by sight and touch. Bringing joy and delight to my customers is my goal and marks my ultimate success as an artist.” – M. Hinz


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