Abstract Art

I have to admit, even though I own an art gallery, paint every chance I get, and have Tampa Art Gallery - Michelle Hinz Art Gallery - Example - Horizontalcreated hundreds of pieces of artwork over the years, I often ask myself a simple yet complex question…”which way do I hang it?”

Typically if the painting is signed by the artist, it is usually marked on the back indicating which way the artist intended the art to be hung. If there is no signature or indication on the back, like an arrow pointing upward, the question still remains.

Today in the studio, I was working on an abstract and I kept tuning the canvas around trying to find the  ‘correct’ perspective but, of course, there is no single ‘correct’ perspective. So I began to try and find elements within the composition that might ‘speak to me’ in an effort to justify which way to sign the painting!

Tampa Art Gallery - Michelle Hinz Art Gallery - Example - VerticalWhen I view this artwork in the horizontal orientation, it reminds me of a landscape painting. In contrast, when the artwork is in the vertical orientation, it appears to have a completely different personality; very abstract. I’m undecided as to which way to hang this artwork, so I welcome your feedback on what you think.

If you’d like to see the painting in person, you are welcome to stop by the Michelle Hinz Art Gallery located at 2408 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, FL.

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