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View Artwork in Your SpaceServices FINAL 500 px tall

Would you like to view artwork in your space/room? As a courtesy to our customers, any artwork from the website or the gallery can be super-imposed onto a digital photo of your space.

  1. Send a .jpg digital photo of the space to mhinz@michellehinz.com. Photo(s) should be positioned looking straight at the wall; avoiding angles. Please send a second photo capturing a view of the entire room to show the color scheme and room layout.
  2. Select your artwork from the website gallery and email the ID number located next to the photo.
  3. Provide the dimensions of the wall on which the artwork will be hung. This measurement is helpful to proportionately scale the artwork giving you a better idea of how large or small the artwork will be in the space.
  4. An email will be sent to you showing the artwork on your wall…FREE of charge!

If you don’t see something that suits your needs, consider having custom artwork created. The process is outlined below:

  1. A phone consultation or appointment to discuss your preferences (i.e. canvas size, design/layout, color scheme, due date) is scheduled.
  2. A quotation is sent via email outlining the project with a fixed price.
  3. Once the quotation is approved, please send a signed copy of the contract via email or regular mail.
  4. The artwork is then created and a photo of the finished piece is sent to you for your approval.
  5. Once approved, payment will need to be rendered.
  6. Upon receiving payment (see “Payment Options” below), the artwork is shipped, delivered, or picked-up).

If you wish to purchase artwork from the website, please fill out the Contact page specifying the ID number(s) (located before the title of the piece). Someone will contact you providing information on availability and any other questions you may have.

Payment Options

Personal checks or money orders are preferred, but we also accept major credit cards. Checks or money orders must be denominated in U.S. dollars and drawn on a United States bank. All checks must be deposited and cleared before the artwork is made available to the customer.

Delivery Services

We devote special care to packing, shipping and insuring each piece of artwork. The packing, shipping and insurance fee will be added to the purchase price. Please contact us directly for exact dollar amount regarding your shipment.

Canceling an Order

If you decide to cancel or change an order, please notify us immediately by email or phone. If your order has already been shipped, you may simply return it to us in its original package. For artwork received, the customer will be responsible for the outbound packing, shipping and insurance charges back to Michelle Hinz. Once the artwork is received, a refund for the artwork price (less the original shipping charges) will be granted.

Artwork Damaged in Transit

If your artwork arrives damaged, please contact us by email or phone. We will discuss options to repair or replace the artwork immediately.

Stretched Canvas

Stretched canvas is painted on all five sides. The artist signature is placed on the sidewall of each painting, allowing flexible hanging options (applies primarily to abstract motifs). Each piece of artwork is also signed on the back and comes with an artist statement.

Return Policy

Artwork Purchase: Every effort is made to ensure 100% customer satisfaction of the artwork.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the purchased, undamaged artwork within 7 days for another piece of equal value. For artwork returned, the customer will be responsible for the outbound packing, shipping and insurance charges back to Michelle Hinz.

Custom Artwork:   Every effort is made to ensure the creation of custom artwork complies to the proposal/contract specifications. During step 3 of the ‘design and color check’ process, modifications can be discussed and made one time. Custom artwork is not refundable and the deposit will be forfeited upon contract termination. After the artwork is completed and received by the client, modifications can be requested at an additional agreed upon and quoted price. The corresponding shipping costs back to Michelle Hinz will be the responsibility of the client.

Art Consulting

Selecting a painting for a room or space can be a difficult challenge. Choosing the right style, color, or size and determining how each piece will be positioned, requires experience for best results. Michelle’s experience working with interior designers, combined with her artistic skills, can help you accomplish this challenging task. Art consulting is available upon request.

Retail Partners & Licensing

Please contact artist to discuss consignment or art available for licensing.

Privacy Policy

Precaution is taken to protect the interests of our customers. We do not sell or share personal information (e.g., name, shipping address, email address, payment records) with any third party.

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